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Thread: Forum Rules and Infraction System

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    Exclamation Forum Rules and Infraction System

    1) No personal attacks whatsoever. These include calling people morons, or stupid, or any other personal attack you can imagine. This would also include calling their fan status into question. Direct your responses toward the point made, not the person who made it. If you feel you've been insulted by another member, DON'T retaliate, report the post (via the red and white triangle). If it's a legitimate attack, the crew will deal with it.

    2) Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filter. It's there for a reason. If you get around it, you will receive an infraction.

    3) Do not post sexually oriented photos or comments, we have no age limit here. Images need not feature nudity to qualify as "sexually oriented".

    4) Do not post racist or prejudicial comments or images.

    5) Do not ignore any warning given to you by the crew.
    Warnings and infractions are not debatable. Rebuttals received will not be replied to, and may result in further warnings/infractions. The entire crew, including myself, are aware of all warnings/infractions given, and their disposition is decided upon, jointly. Leave policing of the forum rules to the moderator crew, please report any offending post(s).

    6) Do not harass any member here. This includes private msgs. If you're "joking around" with someone, and they ask you to stop, STOP!

    7) You may not use the forum to publicize any commercial ventures.

    8) The tickets forum is for the purchase and sale of tickets. It's not for cute little comments, or spamming, or anything other than trying to sell or purchase tickets. If you are not interested in selling or purchasing a ticket do not post. If you do it'll be removed and you may receive an infraction, at the discretion of the moderator crew.

    9) DO NOT alter the text of another person's post which you quoted in your own. People may not bother to read the original post, and it's tantamount to editing someone else's thoughts.

    10) when quoting from another source, it is permissible to post only a portion (25 to 50%) of the content, and a link to the original source must be included. Under no circumstances post the entire content.

    11) 1 account per member. If your account is suspended for any period of time whatsoever, DO NOT create another account. We will know it's you and you may very well make the suspension of your primary account, permanent.

    12) You will not use these forums to discuss or promote any illegal activity.

    13) No proselytizing or solicitation of any type on the forum.

    14) regarding profile pages. Profile pages are not watched as closely as forum posts, therefore abuse of any of the rules of the forum on your own profile page, or that of any other member, will result in permanent banning with the first such occurrence. No infractions or warnings will be issued for infractionable content.

    Infraction system - moderators can issue an infraction to a user for an inappropriate post. Inappropriate posts would include profanity or graphic language, insulting another user, etc. The infractions and various suspensions are currently laid out as follows:

    3 Points 1 Day(s)
    4 Points 3 Day(s)
    5 Points 7 Day(s)
    6 Points 2 Week(s)
    7 Points 3 Week(s)
    8 Points 1 Month(s)
    9 Points 2 Month(s)
    10 Points 3 Month(s)
    11 Points 4 Month(s)
    12 Points 5 Month(s)
    13 Points 6 Month(s)

    After that, permanent.

    However we reserve the right to deviate from the above pattern at our discretion. If you are a chronic problem, you may be subject to permanent banning independent of the infraction system, at the discretion of the moderator crew/administrator.

    Warnings and infractions are not debatable. Rebuttles received will not be replied to. The entire crew, including myself, are aware of all warnings/infractions given, and their disposition is decided upon, jointly. Infractions currently expire six months from the time of issue.

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    Worth reading again.
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